Original Compositions (partial list, see CV for full list)

Three Latin Dances for Mixed Choir, Accordion, Piano, Bass and Percussion

Commissioned by the Orpheus Choir, premiered 2013

“I was inspired to create this composition because of my love of Latin music. My many excursions to the Caribbean have given me opportunity to study and learn from local artists and perform with them. When I was composing Tres Bailes Latinos in 2013, I was invited to guest conduct the Villa Clara Symphony Orchestra in Santa Clara Cuba, in a concert of exotic dance music of which several other compositions of mine were programmed. The passionate musical community of Santa Clara will always be a wonderful memory and Cuban music will always be an inspiration to me.”


Three Musketeers Suite for brass quintet

Commissioned by the Canadian Brass, premiered 2002


Fireworks Fantasia

Commissioned by the Stratford Festival, premiered 2002


The Clown of Venice

Commissioned by Quartetto Gelato, premiered 1999


Botanicus for euphonium and brass band

Commissioned by the Hannaford Street Silver Band, premiered 1998


Theatre Music (partial list, see CV for full list)


The Magic of Love, a re-invention of The Magic Flute, the world's first mega-musical

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Arranged and Orchestrated by Charles T. Cozens Concept and Words by J. Robert Verdun

Port Dover Theatre, 2001


Glory Days, A play with music about the '46 Stelco strike

with Bill Freeman, author

Theatre Aquarius, 1998


Swingstep, A Musical, composed by Charles Cozens

Knitting the contemporary trends of step dancing and swing music with a schmaltzy storyline, a concept with considerable commercial potential. The blend of swing and step , in the hands of a high-energy, high-kicking cast, ranges from charming to electric.

Elgin Theatre, 2001


Peter Pan: The Return

book and lyrics by Peter Mandia ; music by Charles T. Cozens ; adapted from the play and novel by James M. Barrie

Theatre Aquarius, 1993




Symphony Shows (partial list, see CV for full list)


Randy Bachman's Symphonic Overdrive

Featuring Randy Bachman, Charles Cozens Conductor & Arranger

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, 2014


Lindi Ortega in Concert

Featuring Lindi Ortega, Charles Cozens Conductor & Arranger

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 2013


I am Andrea Menard

Featuring Andrea Menard, Charles Cozens Conductor & Arranger

Regina Symphony, 2013


The Pied Piper

Denis de Laviolette Narrator, Charles Cozens Conductor & Composer

Mississauga Symphony Orchestra 1996


The Nylons Live

Featuring The Nylons, Charles Cozens Conductor & Arranger

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, 1996


From Harlem to Hollywood

Featuring Michael Danso, Boris Brott Conductor, Charles Cozens Arranger

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, 1990


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